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Who are we

Padhakku is now

Mployee.Me is a pioneering company dedicated to empowering job seekers in their quest to secure the best jobs by overcoming the challenges posed by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). With our cutting-edge ResuScan Software, we provide a comprehensive solution to optimize your resume and increase your chances of success. Our innovative technology allows you to obtain your ATS Resume Score, enabling you to gauge the effectiveness of your resume. Not only that, but our software identifies any mistakes or areas for improvement based on ATS requirements.
Additionally, we offer valuable insights into the right resume keywords that align with specific job descriptions, ensuring your application stands out to employers. These efforts can definitely help a job seeker to secure the right career in 20+ industries. At Mployee.Me, we are committed to equipping job seekers with the tools and knowledge to excel in their career aspirations.

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Incubation And Recognition

Padhakku is a DPIIT registered startup recognised by Central Government which accounts more for its credibility. It has also been Recognised by Punjab Government under Invest Punjab.

Padhakku has been incubated and supported by ACIC RISE ASSOCIATION, Chandigarh Engineering College, Landran Mohali, Punjab