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Want your resume to stand out for all good reasons? Our ResuScan software, the Free ATS Resume Scanner will not only scan your resume for mistakes but also optimize it for compatibility with ATS or Application Tracking System.

By using our ATS Resume Checker, you can identify issues or mistakes that may hinder your resume to perform well. It offers valuable reviews and generates the right readability score, indicating whether your resume aligns with ATS readability standards

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How does an ATS work?

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a software application designed to help recruiters and HR manage the recruitment process, from job posting to hiring. It works by automating and streamlining various tasks, such as:
1. Job Posting
2. Resume Parsing
3. Screening and Filtering
4. Interview Scheduling
5. Collaboration

How can I optimize my resume for an ATS?

Resume Optimization is an important aspect for increase in shortlisting and receiving more interview calls. To optimize your resume for an ATS, you should follow these best practices:
1. Use Keywords
2. Use Standard File Formats
3. Ensure an Optimised Score of 65%

What is an ideal score to increase my chances of resume shortlisting?

There is no specific ATS score that guarantees your resume will be shortlisted. The ATS scoring system is designed to help recruiters and hiring managers quickly identify the most qualified candidates, but the criteria and algorithms used to determine the score can vary depending on the company and the specific job you are applying for.
We recommend a score of 65% atleast and above to have the right keyword mixture in your resume.

What are keywords in a resume?

Keywords in a resume are specific terms or phrases related to the

job, industry, or skills

that are relevant to the job posting, and are used by hiring managers and

applicant tracking systems (ATS)

to screen and evaluate resumes.
Keywords can include job titles, technical skills, certifications, relevant software or tools, and other relevant industry terminology.The use of relevant keywords helps to showcase the candidate's qualifications and make the resume more easily searchable.

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