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Help 30 Lakh Job Seekers Land Their Dream Jobs by overcoming the challenges posed by Application Tracking Software (ATS). In last 6 months,’s free online resume review has helped over 3 lakh individuals to achieve ATS-compliant resumes and land their dream jobs.


Land your dream job by Unlock Your Resume's Potential via ATS Resume Scanner

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Resume Score Checker

Improve your resume's performance with's Resume Scanner. Unlock actionable insights to help it pass ATS, resonate with recruiters, and boost your job search success.


Resume Keyword Analyzer

To help job seekers, our Resume Scanner offers an AI-backed, free, and tailored keyword optimization report. By uploading your resume and the job, you will receive a list of curated keywords based on your skills and experiences. Use this report to elevate your resume's optimization and maximize its visibility in ATS.


Ats Resume Template

To help job seekers, Offers an ATS Template for Free. This template is created with the human psychology of the F-Scan Pattern. A similar template has been suggested by Harvard and Stanford University as well.

How Does the Resume Score Checker Work?

Resume Upload

Resume Upload

Upload your resume in a PDF format. Make sure it's not an image converted into a PDF.

Select your Experience

Select your Experience

Select your total years of experience to get the best resume analysis

Resume Mistakes and ATS Score

Resume Mistakes and ATS Score

As soon as you hit Submit within 30 seconds you will get a complete resume analysis. Your resume would be judged on 40+ factors


Benefits offers a Free Resume ATS Score Analyzer for 1 Scan. Post 1 scan, is one of the most affordable Resume Checkers


Best Online Resume Review

Make sure your Resume Doesn’t get rejected due to Application Tracking Software. Ensure your Resume Score is more than 75% for better job opportunities.
Identify all the mistakes in your resume

Achieve high ATS score by optimizing resume format and content for parsing algorithms.

Maximize ATS (Applicant Tracking System) score through strategic optimization of resume format and content, ensuring seamless parsing by algorithms. Achieved heightened visibility and enhanced chances of selection by aligning the document with automated recruitment processes

Why do Companies use Application
Tracking Software?

Recruiters often face challenges when managing the high volume of candidate applications they receive. With some companies, such as Google, receiving over 2 million job applications annually, it becomes impractical for recruiters to personally review each one. On average, a recruiter spends approximately 6 seconds scanning a resume. If we do the math for a company like Google, this translates to 120 lakh seconds, or approximately 9 months of work if the recruiter were to work 12-hour days.

This extensive review process raises concerns about when other crucial hiring activities will be addressed. To address this issue, many companies have adopted applicant tracking systems (ATS) to streamline their hiring process.


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