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When a recruiter or hiring manager receives a large number of resumes for a job opening, they often use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter and screen candidates. The ATS scans resumes for specific keywords and phrases related to the job description and qualifications.

By including relevant keywords in your resume, you can increase your chances of passing the ATS screening and getting your resume in front of human eyes for further consideration.

Make sure to optimize your Resume with Right Keywords. A Match Rate of 75% Would help you fetch more Interview Calls

Resume Analyzer

Create an ATS Friendly Resume Featuring the Right ATS Keywords

You put in a lot of effort and time in creating a CV or resume, only to apply and never get a reply. You are not alone as this is a regular struggle for many job aspirants. Now there are many companies that use ATS or Application Tracking System to scan resumes for things like basic information, keywords and errors so they can manage applicants more effectively. But 75% of the resumes submitted through an ATS never make it to the real person because they do not match the readability standards and requirements of the system. And that's where our resume keyword analyzer comes into effective play.

Resume Analyzer

Make Yourself the Most Ideal Candidate for a Job Position

With ResuScan, our ideal CV keyword scanner, you can ensure your resume features the most relevant ATS keywords. Besides including all required resume keywords for ATS with exact phrases for your profile to pass ATS test, our ATS checker scores your resume as per certain pre-set criteria, showing the recruiters which candidates are the best fit for the open job position. In addition to getting the right keywords for resume, you can also obtain resume scores for free with unlimited evaluations also available. Nevertheless, you may have to pay for the Resume Mistakes feature in our scanner, but we have put in the best effort to ensure the pricing is as affordable as possible.

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